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"Psychological Science & Practical Experience" 

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Joseph Eastwood, PhD    

Dr. Eastwood is the founder and head of Eastwood Consulting. He earned his doctorate degree in applied social psychology in 2011, and is an Associate Professor in the forensic psychology program at Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, Ontario.


He conducts and publishes psychological research on the topic of investigative interviewing, with a particular focus on improving recall from interviewees through memory-enhancing procedures. Along with his research, Dr. Eastwood has been active in delivering evidence-based interview training courses and seminars to law enforcement, governmental, and private sector organizations. 

Paul Mitton, Detective (ret.)

One-Week Interview Training Course

"The combination of Dr. Eastwood and Paul was perfect, academic theory with actual police experience."

- DRPS Investigator

Paul is a 30-year veteran officer with the Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) and the Lead Training Consultant with Eastwood Consulting. He spent much of his career as a Major Crime Investigator and Polygraph examiner. He has extensive experience in conducting interviews with both victim/witnesses and suspects, and was frequently called upon to assist with high-profile investigations within the DRPS.

Paul was also responsible for bringing PEACE-based interview training to the DRPS in 2015, and oversaw the development and delivery of investigative interview training within the organization until his retirement in 2019. He is an engaging presenter who is able to use his practical experience to translate research-based findings into real-world recommendations.

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