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We can assist individuals and organizations will all their investigative interviewing needs



We can provide investigative interviewing training that is personalized to meet your specific organizations' needs.



We can conduct case reviews and perform interviews within a variety of investigative settings.

Market Analysis


We can assist in designing and conducting research projects related to interviewing practices.


Investigative Interviewing  Training

Dr. Eastwood and Det. Mitton  have extensive experience delivering training courses and seminars to groups ranging from 4 to 400. They regularly conduct interview  training sessions for law enforcement organizations, private sector and governmental organizations, and invited talks at conferences. Their expertise covers all aspects of interviewing ranging from questioning vulnerable victims to dealing with uncooperative suspects - which gives them the ability to design investigative interviewing training courses that meet the specific needs of your organization.


Case Consultation

Given their academic and applied experience within the investigative interviewing field, Dr. Eastwood and Det. Mitton are able to serve as an expert consultant for specific cases. This can involve commenting on past interviewing practices within a criminal or private-sector investigation, providing written and oral testimony as an expert witness, and reviewing individual interviews to provide feedback for skill development. They are also available to assist in interview preparation and to conduct interviews within a variety of investigative settings.  

Research Projects

Dr. Eastwood is a highly experienced researcher with a number of academic publications in scientific journals and presentations at both national and international conferences. In conjunction with Det. Mitton's applied experience, he is able to assist with all aspects of the research process, from study design to data collection to data analysis. They can work closely with end users to create a customizable study design that best addresses their question of interest.  

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