Seminar FAQs

What is the PEACE Model?

The PEACE Model of Investigative Interviewing was originally developed in the UK in the early 1990s. PEACE was designed through a collaboration between academics and police practitioners, with the goal of creating a research-based and ethical approach to questioning interviewees. The PEACE model is now recognized as a best-practice approach for eliciting information in a variety of investigatory contexts and has been implemented within law enforcement and regulatory agencies in Canada and across the world (Norway, New Zealand, etc.).

What specific topics will be covered in this seminar?

This 1-day training seminar will provide a systematic outline of the structure of the PEACE Model. Topics contained within that framework include an overview of human memory systems, effective planning for interviews, rapport building, the Cognitive Interview, proper questioning techniques, and evidence presentation. The content will include a combination of theoretical concepts, real-world examples, and practical demonstrations.

Who are the facilitators of this seminar?

Dr. Joseph Eastwood and Detective (Retired) Paul Mitton. Joe has been a member of the Forensic Psychology program at Ontario Tech University since 2013, and actively conducts psychological research related to investigative interviewing. Paul is a 30-year veteran of the Durham Regional Police Service, and has extensive experience in conducting victim, witness, and suspect interviews. Joe and Paul believe firmly that their combination of academic and practitioner perspectives is a vital one, as it allows for a discussion of both the psychological science underlying the concepts and how to implement the concepts effectively in real-world settings.

I’m not a police officer. Is this seminar useful for me?

If you are a professional that regularly needs to gather information from other people, then absolutely! A key skill within many occupations – including HR professionals, nurses, social workers, lawyers, educators just to name a few – is the ability to effectively question people about past events. The structure and content of this seminar designed to allow professionals from a variety of fields – including but not limited to law enforcement – to improve their interviewing skills.